Corporate Profile

N&T, established 1995, is one of the few M&E engineering specialists in Singapore with established track records in relation to designs, customisation, operation, installation and maintenance of

(i) Mission-Critical Facilities and Infrastructures – such as traffic control hub; roads and bridges; tunnels; aviation (terminals, air field and runway); telecommunication center and facilities; immigration & checkpoint facilities; data center; mass transit facilities; laboratories; hospitals; learning institutions; power substation; etc. and

(ii) Mission-Critical Systems – such as tunnel plant monitoring control system; traffic surveillance and control system; railway electrical system; train communication system; tunnel radio rebroadcast break-in and communication system; tunnel ventilation system and dewatering system; security surveillance and detection system; public street lighting system; fiber optic network system; etc. and

(iii) Smart City Systems – by applying and integrating smart technologies and IOT into Mission-Critical Facilities and Infrastructure.

N&T clients are mainly the government agencies, government linked companies and multinational corporations. N&T is a registered firm with Building & Construction Authority (BCA) and Qualified Electrical Contractor (QEC); and certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and bizSAFE Star.

N&T’s business is divided into three main segments: (1) Engineering, Procurement and Installation, (2) Operation and Maintenance, and (3) Smart Technology Project Installation and Maintenance.